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About Steve

Steve Rumore finds inspiration throughout New Zealand in land, people and nature. For over 35 years he has been molding metal to fit practical and artistic applications, with his favourite application being functional art.


Steve's kinetic and/or stationary sculptures blend engineering precision with stunning aesthetic. He feels deeply satisfied with perfect balance, easeful movement action, meticulous fit. Whether the genre is contemporary, natural, classical, Maori, abstract, or another, these qualities presence themselves in each heartful and mindful piece.


Steve lived in New York and Colorado in the United States, falling in love with off-roading and the outdoors particularly in Colorado and the American southwest. That passion for nature ultimately drew him, with his wife and 2 children, to move to New Zealand in 2011. 

Metalworks Workshop_65.JPG.jpg
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Metalworks Lake Shoot 92.png

Steve's engineering, fabrication and design work in his former company called Avalanche Engineering called for imagination, mechanical expertise, precision and skill to create consistently cutting-edge, championship-winning rock crawling vehicles.


As he allowed New Zealand to move him, he also purchased Metalworks Wanaka in 2017. The artistic aspect of him that was always present was called forth more powerfully. He delighted in connecting with clients who have a desire for special sculpture so much so that he has now created Steve Rumore Sculptures as a focus.

Every piece that Steve creates is an amalgamation of his passion, vision, life skill and experience. In some cases this is fully expressed, and in others this is also blended with the vision, desire, and setting brought by his clients.


Steve looks forward to connecting with you!

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